Notable Cases

Some published/unpublished cases wherein we have represented the parties can be referenced by Internet:


Casey v. Hopewell Dept of Social Services, 415 S.E.2d 878, 14 Va. App. 222

Hall v. Commonwealth, Record No. 0003-96-2, Court of Appeals, (1996)

Georgia Pacific Corp v. Hicks, Record No. 0858-97-2, (1997)

Montalvo v. Commonwealth, 497 S.E.2d 519, 27 Va. App. 95, (1998)

Williams v. Commonwealth, 497 S.E.2d 156, 26 Va. App. 776, (1998)

Hamer v. Hamer, No. 0401-99-2, Court of Apeals, (1999)

Ramsey v. Commonwealth, Record No. 2958-98-2, Court of Appeals, (1999)

Yakubu Mobutu Ross v. United States, No. 97-4973, US Court of Appeals, 4th
Circuit, (2000)

Wall v. Commonwealth, Record No. 1664-01-2, Court of Appeals, (2002)

Fickett v. Fickett, Record No. 1393-01-2, Court of Appeals, (2002)

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